Brush Up On Your Pet’s Dental Health!

Imagine if you never brushed your teeth or had them cleaned. Pretty scary, right? As you can guess, things would eventually start to go very, very bad inside your mouth: teeth would decay, gums would become [...]

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Hot Weather Hazards: Safety Tips for Pets

Did you know dogs and cats can suffer heatstroke? Sunburn? Read our safety tips below to keep your pet safe in the summer heat. THE GREAT OUTDOORS ISN’T ALWAYS GREAT: PAW PROTECTION: Be wary of walking [...]

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Diabetes and Your Pet

It may be a shock to learn that your pet has diabetes mellitus. Fortunately, diabetes in dogs and cats can be managed successfully with daily, consistent care. This brochure will: describe what diabetes is; how your [...]

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Is this a Pet Emergency?

Your pet is sick, injured, or acting strange. What should you do? You know your pet better than anyone, and you probably notice immediately when they need help. But when should you head immediately to an [...]

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Pre-Surgery Instructions for Your Pet

Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix is providing this information to assure your pet’s upcoming surgery or dental procedure goes as smoothly as possible. General Surgery Information Your pet must be a current patient, had an exam/consult [...]

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Why Should I Spay or Neuter my Cat?

Unless you are planning to show or breed your cat, you should spay or neuter it. Here’s why: Reduces overpopulation, particularly if you allow your cat to go outside. Benefits for female cats include: Spaying drastically [...]

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