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We are always glad to accept resumes or hear from enthusiastic, hard-working, dependable people who wish to join our team of veterinary care professionals. Contact us and let us know what position you are interested in.

Why our employees say this is a great place to work…

“I love working at ACH because of my amazing co-workers who have become family. Everyone here genuinely cares for each patient and their owners. We have amazing doctors who always go above and beyond for their patients and clients. Our wonderful hospital director always tries to accommodate everyone’s needs and brings us delicious snacks every Friday! The technicians and CSR’s are great at what they do, always showing compassion to each patient and clients. ACH is a great place to learn, grow and join in on the fun. Coming to work every day doesn’t seem like “work” when you work with an amazing team. I enjoy working here and am glad to be part of the ACH family.” Alisha
“After years of working in larger hospitals I can’t describe how awesome it is to work for a smaller, homier place. Thankfully, bureaucratic processes and delayed decision making are a thing of the past. Now, staff is empowered to think of new/better ways to approach their work, and encouraged to grow and learn. Schedules are flexible, communication is direct, we control our work flow, and patient care ALWAYS comes first. This is probably why turnover is low and we’re a happy team.” Ann
“Providing best quality care is our goal and what I love most about ACH. Dr Temple is so kindhearted and always putting our patients/owner’s quality of care first, rather than the quantity of patients we see. Our hospital director being awesome with flexibility in her employees’ lives, whether it be good or bad, is a godsend! I can’t picture working for any other hospital.” Lauren
“The reason why I love working here is how we don’t just work as a team, but as family. Someone is always willing to help the ones in need, and even if we are tight on staff, we find a way to make it work. I also enjoy how the doctors are open to hear your thoughts or ideas. We’re encouraged to grow our skills – I’m learning how to monitor surgeries and perform dentals. I couldn’t have picked a better place to grow and feel welcomed and can’t wait to see who else joins our group!Alex
“Our hospital’s environment here is like a family. Our doctor and owner, Dr. Temple, is amazing. She is kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and willing to take time to teach you. She really cares about her patients and clients. She will greet them with a smile on her face and go out of her way to help them. Dr. Temple is incredible which makes this a great place to work. Other things I like about Animal Care Hospital. We have music. We have lunch-and-learns. We have meetings to learn how to better ourselves. We are given opportunities to expand our knowledge and practice our skills. It has been hard sometimes, but with coworkers like mine, they help make my days go by easier. You may make good friends and have pleasant memories. I know that I have.”Vanessa
“I love working at Animal Care Hospital because my co-workers are awesome and have all been here for a while. I love that we don’t have high turnover like some hospitals that are owned by corporations. We are also a very low drama group. We all get along and help each other every day. Also, our hospital director and Dr. Temple take a personal interest in each employee, helping them through tough times and being flexible with time/attendance. I’m really grateful for that.”Andrea
“What’s not to love about working at Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix? There are always new, and exciting opportunities to learn something new every day. The Veterinarians are always open and willing to answer questions, and my coworkers are fun and work well together as a team. The work-life balance is what I admire the most. As a busy mom, finding the right balance is not always easy.”Sabrina
“While excellent medical care is important to clients, I love that our hospital recognizes that it is just as important that our pets feel safe and relaxed during their visits here as well. We are encouraged to take all the time it takes to greeting our nervous patients and making them feel as comfortable as possible.”Sophia
“I love working for Dr. Temple. In my 10+ years working in veterinary medicine I’ve never met a doctor who TRULY cares about her patients, clients, and staff as much as she does. She has endless compassion for all.”Jazmine
“I have always wanted to be a vet, but I have never felt more inspired and interested in the animal medical field than I have since being a part of this team. Our team is made up of individuals who have outstandingly different personalities, but we all have the same thing driving us forward – we want to take care because we do care.”Heather
“Dr. Temple goes above and beyond for our pets. She always ensures that she gives the best care possible to all of her patients. I have pets with chronic illnesses, and she’ll always squeeze them in. I really appreciate this!”Mariah

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