We are very excited to share the story behind our logo!

Each portrait tells a story of an individual pet. The animals in the logo are all memorials to loving furry friends.

  • Cindy Crawford is the kitty in the top left.
  • Ethel is the lab in the top right.
  • Nelson is the black lab on the bottom left.
  • Fudge is the dog in the bottom right.

The People Behind the Logo

Sara Reinstein Becker painted the pet portraits and Julie Wolf from Thinking Caps Designs created the design of the logo.

Sara is a painter, illustrator, and designer of Sara Becker Paints. She graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Arizona State University. Sara creates energetic paintings of expressive subjects ranging from animals to abstracts to the spiritual, all with layers of intense color. According to Sara:

“I want the viewer to feel the movement and the energy coming from my artwork. I like to build up the surfaces then often tear them away. I let the layers of paint beneath bare themselves to create a texture and sense of history that is a consequence of this process.”

Her method is a meditation on color and texture. The resulting images, with their deep visual texture and luminous colors, convey serenity and simplicity.

If you would like Sara to bring your story to life, please email her at sbeckerdesign@live.com or call her at 602.499.4059.

We hope you love our logo as much as we do.

Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix