The Staff at Animal Care Hospital are Now Fear Free Certified

What’s Fear Free? It’s a new approach to animal care that aims to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in animals during visits and procedures.

Fear Free Certified Veterinarian

Did you know the majority of dogs and cats are fearful – and sometimes aggressive – during veterinary visits? A fearful animal is difficult to examine and treat and makes vet visits unpleasant for everyone involved. That’s why we’ve implemented ways to avoid negative experiences and promote positive emotions in animals visiting the veterinarian.

So how do we go about making visits “Fear Free?”

  • First, we are trained to understand an animal’s body language, so we can immediately see if they have fear, stress, or anxiety. We have altered our approach toward animals, using low-stress handling and gentle restraint (when necessary). Our exams and treatments take place where the animal is most comfortable – we let cats stay in their carriers for the exam, or let dogs stay in their owners’ laps.
  • Second, we use distractions –  like offering tasty treats on a lick pad or playing with a toy – to minimize discomfort or stress.
  • Third, for really painful or fearful animals, we encourage owners to give calming medications before a visit, to make it easier on the pet and our staff.
  • Finally, we record your pet’s emotional status and preferences in the medical record, so we can plan the best way to approach them during subsequent visits.

A stress-free veterinary visit benefits all involved parties—the animals, their owners, as well as the veterinary team.

Fear Free Certified Veterinarian
Stress Free Veterinarian