We Are Devoted to Your Pet’s Wellbeing

Animal Care Hospital’s mission is to provide high-quality, progressive veterinary medicine based on science and delivered with compassion in a healthy, fun work environment.

We provide the highest quality veterinary medicine that is acceptable to our clients without compromising compassion, integrity, and the human-animal bond. Through team member effort, care, planning, insight, and continuing education; we provide a progressive veterinary hospital that promotes excellence in patient and owner care.

Our Philosophy:

  • Gentle handling and awareness of the animal’s emotional and physical condition.
  • Treatment and preventative medical decisions are based on what is best for the animal.
  • Adequate time for appointments so that our diagnoses and treatments are as sound as possible, and our clients understand our interventions.
  • Honesty about what can be done within the financial and emotional constraints of our clients.
  • Client education and involvement in their pets’ care.
  • Practicing proactive, not reactive medicine, including vaccines, a healthy diet, exercise, appropriate medications, and screenings.
  • Above all, doing what it takes to prevent or relieve animal suffering.

Our Core Values:

  • Trust — Honesty and integrity guide all our actions. Our clients and co-workers will know our caring commitment to the health of the pet through our actions. We will earn their trust and confidence.
  • Kindness — We will show kindness, compassion, and empathy in every interaction with our patients, clients, and co-workers.
  • Accountability — We will strive to be the solution in all situations; seeking answers for patients, solving a crisis for clients, and lending a hand to co-workers. Working precisely, conscientiously, and responsibly; we will own and correct mistakes and learn from them.
  • Passion — We will hold onto the love and joy that animals bring to our, and our clients’ lives. We will show gratitude to care for lives that ask for nothing from us and fulfill so much for so many people.
  • Proactive — We will take the initiative in making our patients, clients, and co-workers’ days better.
  • Team Spirit — We will create a non-negotiable healthy work environment where everyone is laser-focused on patient care and customer service, respected, encouraged, continually learning, and laughing.
American Animal Hospital Association Accredited

We are proud to say we’ve been accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) for over 25 years. This means we are regularly, voluntarily evaluated on over 900 standards of care set forth by the AAHA and must meet stringent standards for comprehensive professional, medical, and surgical care. Only 14% of small animal hospitals in the country are members of the AAHA, so we’re proud of this distinction that sets us apart. Our continued membership in AAHA shows that we’re dedicated to providing excellent veterinary medicine to your pets.

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