Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix is providing this information to assure your pet’s upcoming surgery or dental procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

General Surgery Information

  • Your pet must be a current patient, had an exam/consult with us, and is up to date on vaccines prior to surgery. If you don’t have proof of vaccinations, we will vaccinate at the time of surgery.
  • If your pet gets sick (with a new illness) before surgery, let us know as soon as possible as we may need to reschedule an elective procedure until your pet is well.
  • If your pet goes to a groomer, or if you bathe him/her regularly, consider doing it a few days prior to the surgery, as you will be instructed to keep the incision dry following surgery.
  • Prepare your home for your patient. Make sure you have an area in your house ready for recovery. This could mean separating your dog from other pets, getting your pet’s crate set up, and/or washing your pet’s bedding to help lower the risk of infection.

Surgery Preparation

No food after 10:00 p.m. the night before surgery. To ensure your pet doesn’t eat anything, please keep them indoors, or confined, the night before surgery. No water on the morning of the surgery. Eating and drinking could cause your pet to aspirate (vomit) during anesthesia, which is potentially life-threatening.

The Day of Surgery

Your pet’s check-in time will either be 8:15, 8:30, or 8:45. Please be on time!

All dogs must be on a leash, and all cats must be in an individual cat carrier. Do not put anything extra in your cat carrier (towels, blankets or toys). Only pee-pads or other suitable carrier liners.

Your pet will be with Animal Care Hospital for one or more hours before surgery (this time will be used to do any additional testing, blood work, catheter placement, etc.) and will spend the appropriate amount of time with us recovering from surgery.

Please let us know if you will be able to pick up your pet before 5:00 p.m.

Double-check that we have the right contact number for you so that they can reach out with any updates. And, you can call us at anytime for updates. Other questions? Just call us at 602-955-5757.