Increased outdoor activity during the summer months means your pet is more at-risk for ticks! These pests are found lurking on shrubs and tall grass outdoors, attaching to your pet as they run past, biting them and feeding on their blood. Although quite small, the tick represents one of the most potent dangers to your pet’s health. Here in Phoenix, a single tick bite can carry a host of potentially fatal diseases. We commonly see cases of Ehrlichia canis, a treatable disease that can become quite serious without treatment. Other tick-borne diseases include Babesiosis, Anaplasmosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Your pet may be at risk for these if traveling to other parts of the country.

Additionally, animal-to-human transfer is possible, making ticks a danger to you and your family. You should inspect your pet carefully for ticks after any woodland or tall grass outdoor activity.

There are a number of tick control options available including topicals, sprays, oral chewables and shampoos that have shown to be fairly effective at killing adult ticks. In addition, we are excited to provide the latest and most effective method of tick control yet. Bravecto is an oral, chewable that kills fleas and ticks for 12 weeks. It is labeled safe for use even in breeding, pregnant and nursing dogs. We will even remind you when your dog’s Bravecto needs to be given again.