Pets have a difficult time staying cool during the scorching Phoenix summer months. This means they are at increased risk heat stoke. As an owner, it is important you take the necessary precautions to ensure your cat or dog is safe this summer.

  • Always have abundant fresh, clean water readily accessible to your pet.
  • Never leave your pet in a hot car. Vehicle interiors can soar to nearly 160°F on an average summer day, quickly overheating your pet to fatal temperatures.
  • Do not over-exercise your pet. Outdoor activity in the summer months is more taxing than during cooler times of the year. Pets are susceptible overheating and dehydration after even moderate exercise.
  • Keep your pet off asphalt or concrete. Extremely high temperatures on these surfaces can cause thermal pad burns on the bottoms of your pet’s paws. Paw protection should be worn if contact is unavoidable.
  • When possible, keep pets indoors, in a cool, air-conditioned area.