Our guests enjoy safe, clean facilities under constant staff supervision. All canine guests are walked in our outdoor patio area at least twice daily. For large dogs we have large indoor runs giving them plenty of room for their comfort, maintaining an optimal temperature for pets and helping them stay out of the hot Arizona sun.

Boarding can be stressful and occasionally results in medical issues that need to be addressed by our veterinarians. If deemed necessary, our veterinarians will examine your pet and contact you for further instructions. We encourage you to bring personal items from home to make your pet’s stay as stress-free as possible. We are not, however, responsible for damage of loss of items during boarding.

Medical Boarding

Medical boarding at Animal Care Hospital of Phoenix is an option if your pet requires special medical attention that cannot be met at a typical boarding facility.
Ideal for:

  • Pets on chronic medications – to be assured that they receive all their medications.
  • Diabetic pets or those requiring injections – to be assured that they are being administered by a skilled technician.

Our commitment to you and your pet:

Accredited by AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) we adhere to the highest quality standards for nursing care, record keeping,
anesthesia and surgery, facilities and staff training.

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