Our cat is not the same active one she was. We can not get her to drink water and also has not been going to the bathroom. We think she might have had a miscarriage, what can be wrong with her? -Sara

A: Hi Sara,

I am sorry to hear that your kitty is not herself. I would love to be able to help you both. Although it isn’t entirely clear from your current list of concerns what might be the matter, you do provide some important clues that she might not be well, and possibly urgently. Cats in particular don’t often let s know when they are sick. Sudden changes in their attitude, appetite and/or activity are frequently cause to pay attention and possibly seek help. Cats are often not obvious water drinkers, especially if they are getting water in the form of moist/canned food. But noticeable changes in her water drinking might be important, especially if she is not eating well. You don’t specify whether she is not urinating or defecating, perhaps both (an urgent concern!). And if you are concerned about a possible miscarriage, then I am concerned that she could be quite sick. Unspayed female cats can experience several urgent complications from reproductive activity, pregnancy or miscarriage. We will ask more questions about her if you can call us. And we can try to get her in for an exam ASAP if she sounds like she is in trouble. Please let us know if we can help.